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Freedom And The Constitution Essays - Human Rights,

Freedom and the Constitution The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. Freedom of expression is made up of the explicit rights of freedom of speech, press, assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and the implied right of association and belief contained in the First Amendment. The Supreme Court interprets the extent of the protection afforded to these rights. The First Amendment has been interpreted by the Court as applying to the entire federal government although it is only expressly applicable to Congress. Furthermore, the Court has interpreted the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment as protecting the rights in the First Amendment from interference by state governments. Two clauses in the First Amendment guarantee freedom of religion. The establishment clause prohibits the government from passing legislation to establish an official religion or preferring one re ligion over another. It enforces the "separation of church and state. Some governmental activity related to religion has been declared constitutional by the Supreme Court. For example, providing bus transportation for parochial school students and the enforcement of "blue laws" is not prohibited. The free exercise clause prohibits the government, in most instances, from interfering with a persons practice of their religion. The most basic component of freedom of expression is the right of freedom of speech. The right of freedom of speech allows an individual to express themselves without interference or constraint by the government. The Supreme Court requires the government to provide substantial justification for the interference with the right of free speech if it attempts to regulate the content of the speech. A less stringent test is applied for content-neutral legislation. The Supreme Court has also recognized that the government may prohibit some speech that may cause a breach of the peace or cause violence. The right of free speech includes other mediums of expression that communicates a message. Despite popular misunderstanding the right of freedom of the press guaranteed by the first amendment is not very different from the right of freedom of speech. It allows an individual to express themselves through publication and dissemination. It is part of the constitutional protection of freedom of expression. It does not afford members of the media any special rights or privileges not afforded to citizens in general. The right to assemble allows people to gather for peaceful and lawful purposes. Implicit within this right is the right to association and belief. The Supreme Court has expressly recognized that a right to freedom of association and belief is implicit in the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments. This implicit right is limited to the right to associate for First Amendment purposes. It does not include a right of social association. The govern ment may prohibit people from knowingly associating in groups that engage and promote illegal activities. The right to associate also, generally, prohibits the government from requiring a group to register or disclose its members or from denying government benefits based on an individuals current or past membership in a particular group. There have been exceptions to this general rule when the Court has found that the governmental interests in disclosure/registration outweigh the interference with first amendment rights. The government may also, generally, not compel individuals to express themselves, hold certain beliefs, or belong to particular associations or groups. The right to petition the government for a redress of grievances guarantees people the right to ask the government to provide relief for a wrong through the courts (litigation) or other governmental action. It works with the right of assembly to allow people to join to seek change from the government.

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English Oral GWTPE Essay

English Oral GWTPE Essay English Oral GWTPE Essay English Oral - The girl with the Pearl Earring Johannes Vermeer was a deep thinker. He knew this because his mother had told him one day after finding him sat round the back of the baker’s shop, hidden from view, staring at the plumes of smoke coming from the chimney of a neighbouring house. Vermeer hadn’t understood his mother’s anger and astonishment when she found him there; after all, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Nevertheless she said, it was late, going on for sunset, and she hadn’t known where he was. He argued that he had only sat down for a minute to watch the smoke form different patterns against the sky; it was very clear that day, and although cold, without knowing it he’d been there for hours. Ten years on from that day, and his mother still worried about him. She worried about the long hours he worked at the apothecary, and the bruises that seemed to appear out of nowhere, marking his otherwise flawlessly pale skin. She had suggested that she should take a look at them, but Vermeer refused and tugged at the sleeves of his shirt, pulling them further down towards his wrists and hiding the purple blemishes. Early one cold winter morning, Vermeer set off on the short walk to the apothecary. As he breathed he could feel the sharp, icy air fill his lungs and he concentrated on the ground in front of him, so not to slip on the ice. In some ways he enjoyed being out so early; it was like making the first footprints in freshly laid snow. He arrived at the shop and entered through the back door, and still wearing his outdoor clothing, began his work, sweeping, putting in order jars and bottles, removing some of them from their places to dust the shelves, cleaning the weighing scales. It wasn’t a man’s work, his brother had told him, but Vermeer didn’t mind, one day he would become the apothecary himself, and not just the assistant. An hour later, the apothecary arrived and opened up the shop for business. He was a short, round little man with a bad temper that Vermeer knew only too well. Of course, Vermeer never challenged his master as he wanted to keep his job; he knew the small amount of money he earned was important to his mother. So he endured his master’s occasional fits of temper and did everything in his power to keep him happy. The day went smoothly and for once, his master sent him home early. Walking home by the canal, eyes fixed on the ground, something caught Vermeer’ eye. Lying on the ground in front of him was a shiny pearl earring. It looked so out of place, clean and beautiful, contrasted against the dark and dull ground, it could not be mistaken. Jeremias paused, bent down, and picked it up very carefully between his thumb and forefinger. He’d never seen anything like it. The pearl was large, bigger than he’d ever seen before, and as he turned it into the light, hundreds of colours came alive on its surface, shimmering and shining. It was entirely mesmerising. A shout awoke Vermeer from his dream-like state, and he looked up. ‘Oh! You there! Yes!’ Vermeer focused on the small woman hurrying toward him, her face was red and flustered, her hands stretched out in front of her. ‘You found it, you found my mistress’ pearl, thank you so much!’ gushed the woman, now standing very close to Vermeer, she reached out for the earring. Vermeer released the pearl from his delicate grip, and let it fall into the woman’s palm. Her fist closed tightly round it. ‘Thank you so much – erm?’ ‘Johannes, Johannesburg Vermeer’ stammered Vermeer. ‘Mr Vermeer, yes, my mistress will be so pleased, I’ll return it to her straight away. Thanks’ said the woman, without taking breath. She hurried away, and as Vermeer watched, she caught up with a young girl, no older than himself. She was all wrapped up in a blue cloak, and standing not far ahead of him. As the woman gestured toward Vermeer, who was still standing fixed in his spot, the girl lifted her eyes to look at him directly. Even from this distance Vermeer could tell she

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Behaviors in Nursing Management Professional Term Paper

Behaviors in Nursing Management Professional - Term Paper Example The specific type of leadership needed in nursing management practice will be analyzed and its advantages presented. The form of leadership recommended in nursing is democratic leadership. After this, the importance of emotional and cultural intelligence will be discussed. Emotional intelligent managers are leaders with ability to identify and understand personal change emotions and develop strategies to manage them. Cultural intelligence is critical in nursing management practice as one strives to create an influence in an environment with different cultures values refer. After a discussion on the leadership styles, the specific qualities needed will be presented. Some qualities identified include integrity, courage, attitude and ability to take initiative. The other qualities identified are optimism, ability to strike balance in all areas of life and ability to manage stress. The next part will be a discussion on values, qualities and behaviors in relation to management process, co mmunication, team building, orientation of new staff and caring and ethics and empowerment of staff from a personal perspective. In the management process, values refer to the principles that the manager upholds and advocates. Qualities and behaviors refer to personal attributes that make a person an authentic leader in the organization. These values, behaviors and qualities in management process include being of integrity, promoting open communication, teamwork and managing organizational change.

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The most powerful people Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The most powerful people - Assignment Example Time Magazine in 2009 described Bernanke as a visionary who â€Å"conjured up trillions of new dollars and blasted them into the economy; engineered massive public rescues of failing private companies; ratcheted down interest rates to zero. He didnt just reshape U.S. monetary policy; he led an effort to save the world economy† (Edroso, 2009). Trichet is known as the â€Å"Euro fighter† who defended the low inflation on the euro (Stock Market Today, 2011). The Stock Market Today states that â€Å"Trichet’s every move affects the euro zone countries† (2011). On the other hand, Shirakawa has a vital role in influencing Japan’s future economic prospects. He is also known for devising an unconventional monetary policy which was later on adopted in modified forms by the US and UK (Chung, 2011). During the recession of 2008 to 2009, banks of the world lowered their interest rates. This move was done to make borrowing cheaper and encourage businesses and consumers to borrow to spur or increase economic activity. More goods will be produced by businesses and bought by consumers. If there is a demand to produce more, then it will also create jobs which will positively affect the economy and eventually rise out of the recession. One of the reforms adopted by the Fed to improve the U.S. monetary policy is the quantitative easing whereby the government injects billions of dollars of fresh cash in the economy to pump up economic growth (Sanati, 2011). However, this policy is not proven effective as pointed out by Sanati since the economy is still not performing well as shown by the negative economic indicators, including a very low job growth (2011). Bernanke though is still convinced that quantitative easing would help the economy to recover. One is of the opinion that Bernanke is right in instituting this policy because it will result in banks having access to cheap cash which they can lend out to

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Learning How To Write Well English Language Essay

Learning How To Write Well English Language Essay The desire to learn how to write and read started earlier than my preschool year. Growing up in a family where respect and education were the primary focus for their offsprings, it wasnt only a good thing for my youth but has helped me later in my life. I was taught that learning is not only obtaining skills and knowledge, but the ability to apply the new understanding, such a asking for food when I felt the pain of hunger. While, later in my life I was educated that learning is the ability to contextualize the variety of contexts which vary from region to region, institution to institution, and between groups with different social-economical backgrounds. Learning how to write well, it all started in primary school. Primary school was the place where I created my foundation for writing well. This foundation was build on by different writing exercises, such as course handbook and writing workbooks in and out of classroom. I learned to copy definitions of literary terms in my notepad and memorize them, without considering its larger meaning. This helped me learn writing skills and knowledge in multiply lesson types. Dictation exercises were another form used in school to advance my writing skills and knowledge. Being a verbal thinker, dictation was one of my preferred ways of learning how to write well. This form of writing helped me visualize the structure and grammar mistakes I made during the writing process. As my education advances, I use written feedback from professors and peers to understand the expectations which they have. Through this method, I not only become more familiar with my writing, but it helps me improve my generati ve thinking. Helps me develop ideas in writing from different points of view, and assists on improving my initial thoughts. Learning vocabulary skills in the context of writing started as early as elementary school. Completing practice workbooks and exercises on short stories I read during class. And create a dictionary with new words I came across in children books and other words presented by my teacher. Visual activities prepared by the teacher, were practices which I had to find in use in my children books in my local library, this meant reading a great quantity of short story books, and getting familiar with the plot concept and theme in the context of writing. To help me bring my knowledge to test, my teacher would require me to write a short story of my happiest moment during a weekend. The combination of visual and integrated activities provided ways for me to put my understanding to use in the context of larger writings. I can clearly say that this form of teaching was effective in learning how to use vocabulary in writing. What if, peer and self-evaluation were parts of activities? I believe it would have helped me improve my writing mechanics and vocabulary which could be used later in class discussions. Depending upon any other approach rather than the visual and integrated activities would not have been affective, because integrating larger goals in the context of writing would have been too much. Integrated and visual activates worked in none-linear and separated form, both were effective on making me understand the context of writing in the smaller scale. With the necessary skills and knowledge, I was ready to learn how to become reflective about my own writing performance. With skills and knowledge such as, strategies on approaching writing tasks, discussing prompts which support cognitive thinking, it was time for me to explore and extend literary understanding beyond the initial interpretation, and most importantly achieve creative thinking beyond the initial thoughts. Dictation was the answer to this stepping stone. Dictation is nothing more than a class exercise which helps students develop grammar, writing communications and improve listening comprehension. Using this learning device I have been able to diagnose and correct grammatical mistakes, learn punctuation, and develop my thoughts. This form or this learning device has helped teachers analyze and address the grammatical and comprehension weaknesses in students such as myself. The most important benefit on using this learning device is the ability to make corrections myself or my teacher. Dictation activities exercised were a combination of traditional spelling and punctuation problems to ac tivities where personal opinions were tested. Besides its benefits, dictation was a form of losing time on noticing language mistakes that are overlooked and commonly made. By reading and writing more literature these common mistakes would be improved. Dictation is not widely issued in English teaching systems, because it is considered an older technique. In comparison, most European countries still use dictation as a technique for teaching and improving students in grammatical and comprehension skills. In addition to dictation, professors feedback gives me an opportunity to improve and analyze my work. Getting the facts right is what writing well is all about. If the reader or the audience is misinformed, feedback is what the writer gets in response. If the point is not reached in writing the feedback is not a critique, but an explanation on how well the writing expectations are met, and what can be done for improvements. Receiving written feedback helps me understand the expectations of my audience, and helps me understand and meet the expectation of my own writing. This method has given the ability to improve my initial thoughts to thoughts which are expected by the audience. I expect written feedback of any form in my writing, because this puts my writing in a particular way to an end or makes me repeat it. Positive punishment (lower grade) makes me put an end to the way I write and or positive reinforcement (better grade) makes me repeat my writing in a behaviors term. Although feedback is one of the most important forms on learning how to write well, there are still problems a ssociated with this approach. First, the written feedback I receive most of the time is hard to interpret due to the illegible handwriting, including un-clear terms and symbols. In addition, the implemented time on feedback is crucial. The majority of time I receive late feedback and time doesnt permit to apply the changes to my writing. This issue can be solved if the institutions increase the time constrains available for feedbacks. Paying attention to the written feedback I receive is improving my skills in writing well. Feedback is more than often provided by experienced writers, which can have no end when learning the skill on how to write well. Therefore, learning how to write well is not only obtaining the skills and knowledge, but is the ability to apply the skills and knowledge to meet the audience expectations. However, as I have shown visual and integrated activities are used on building the foundation to writing well. Enhancing vocabulary terms and using it on writing was the main concentration of these activities. Class dictation has been the most beneficial method to my learning, as it helped me perfect my writing skills and raised awareness of problematic areas in my writing. Given that dictation activities provide the opportunity to compare written work with a professors work. As my writing advances, Im become a better writer, and the writing process is becoming less painful when I receive written feedback. The fact that this method is the most preferred way for many students including myself to achieve excellent writing; it clearly shows the importance written feedback have on students. Most of the time peer feed back indicates the type of error but not the place of error; this significantly improved my ability to find the error and help avoid the wrong initial thought. All in all, using course workbooks, dictation and feedback Ive been able achieve skills on how to write well.

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A Modern Modest Proposal

It is a truly depressing matter to witness the complete and utter destruction of Haiti. Since the earthquake, the nation has being slowing withering away. The people that inhabit the land are suffering terribly and enduring the most brutal conditions. Tent cities, populated by close to seven thousand people, are being subject to crime and the propagation of a multitude of diseases. Parentless children wander aimlessly, searching for any remnant of food or even a single droplet of water. If they do not find their precious water and food they will end up like many others who end up passing out due to starvation or dehydration and eventually dying. Only the fortunate have an actual place to call a home, if one considers four sticks embedded in the ground covered by old clothing a house. It is indisputable that a precarious situation exists in Haiti. Any moral human being must realize that action has to be taken. Haiti could serve as a valuable consumer market if the nation is restored back to a perpetual state of stability. It would aid every single American in that it could potentially boost our economy. It could serve as another place to have manufacturing done cheaply because Haitians are desperate for any job. We could use this nation for our advantage and integrate them as valuable aspects of our economy. The real question is not why should we help them; it actually is why should we not help this feeble nation. Haiti needs us great Americans to lend our hand and help them from their destruction and devastation. This predicament has engulfed the majority of my thoughts for the past few years. Constantly, weighing out the pros and cons of each and every situation. All of the other solutions just do not sufficiently mend the problems of Haiti, according to my calculations. This being true, the only plausible solution that would efficiently fix the immense amount of problems in Haiti is my proposal. It is reasonable to believe that the situation will only worsen. With new children being born due to the rape of women and the continuous manifestation of deadly infections it is becoming increasingly difficult for Haiti to recover. That is why direct and immediate action is imperative to the survival of this potential huge asset to America. My proposition is the perfect panacea for Haiti. It will bring an abrupt halt to all the problems in Haiti. No longer will a child have to scour the streets looking for food. No longer will mothers beg people to take their children to a safer environment. No longer will there be unconscious infants, due to dehydration and lack of nourishment, being lugged around by their elder siblings. The distress and chaos will come to an end if my modest proposal is followed with the utmost precision. It is now that I bring to you my modest proposal. It is simple really; slaughter the elderly, weak, sick, and the children, who are too young to fend for themselves. There is a plethora of uses that come from their bodies. First the bones can be used to build much more stable houses. They can act as a very sturdy shelter that will actually be able to withstand the rainy season, unlike their current houses built from simple cloth and sticks. Then the meat, which is not infected with disease, will act as valuable source of nourishment for the hungry. I have been reassured by an array of scientists that for every one hundred grams of brain there are: 78 grams of water, 10 grams of fat, 11 grams of protein, and 1 gram of carbohydrate. This will be an easy way to get the remaining population water and the necessary nutrition they need. I assure you that this is the most efficient way to provide shelter, food, and prevent the spread of disease. There is no feasible rejection to my proposal. All of those who claim there are alternative methods to helping the Haitians are mistaken. The idea that we should take more direct action in helping Haiti is laughable. I have ventured off into Haiti once to try and help them. I had success in helping a small population in Haiti. I gave them water, helped rebuild a school, and entertained the lonely children. But what does that do? Nothing. After all, they are still in desperation; constant help and gradually development of Haiti is not the answer, clearly. There has to be one defining movement that will drastically alter their condition of lives. People just tend to forget about problems that are not in the news. Due to the incurable attention deficit disorder that has cursed this country, Haiti requires immediate and drastic action. There is much humanitarian talk of alternative absurd methods to helping this country. One is attempting to fund raise in America and use that money to build hospitals and other necessary buildings. Another idea is to aid the Haitians in reconstructing their society rather than just throwing food and water at them; basically help them become a self-sustaining nation. â€Å"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a ifetime,† obviously this Chinese proverb is just nonsense. There have even been suggestions to try and work cohesively on an international level. With these foolish proposals it should be obvious that it is mine that is the most logical and efficient. I will be the first one to initiate my proposal. I am traveling this April to do so. I have been accepting donations to fund my purchase of the toxins that will kill those who need to be killed. So I call upon the people of America to rise up and overcome their ignorance and help this nation in a true state of need.

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The Unusual Puzzle Into Ielts Essay Samples Environment Revealed

The Unusual Puzzle Into Ielts Essay Samples Environment Revealed Ielts Essay Samples Environment - What Is It? In conclusion, everybody has a duty to conserve the planet they inhabit. In case the galaxy isn't moving, there's no shift whatsoever. Other people believe that it is causing the opposite effect. Everyone has to contribute as a way to mitigate its vulnerable impacts on the world. It's certainly a fact that environmental problems cannot be solved without the aid of governments. Some people believe that the environmental problems aren't an easy job for individuals to address, but actually, we can actually take up some great habits that could prove useful in handling environmental issues. To start with, environmental problems are usually due to humans and while some are national in nature, a lot of them are global problems. To sum up, they should be handled by local and international authorities as well as individuals. In society, it's everybody's responsibility to guard the surroundings. Inside my standpoint, the preservation of environment is the duty of each one of the governments, individuals and the communities. Additionally, it is critical that environmental issues are treated internationally. Managing global environmental issues ought to be handled by one organization on a worldwide scale. Although some believe it's the duty of nation who have gained theirprosperity throughexploiting the surroundings, it appears that all countries must perform a role because there's only one Earth and all countries are connected. Worldwide aid sometimes can enable a poor or developing country to deal with environmental difficulties but the government of the nation should take initiatives to address such national troubles. Secondly, through the media and campaign, many men and women can learn more concerning the significance of the surroundings. Up in Arms About Ielts Essay Samples Environment? A well-structured essay has a great introduction, body paragraphs that are simple to follow and connect together, and a great conclusion. Examine the model essay and read the comments. Try out this opinion essay question about the price of space exploration. The Ultimate Ielts Essay Samples Environment Trick You wish to make sure that your letter has a structure. In conclusion, this ess ay has discussed a number of the possible solutions to be able to help tackle the issue. You will need to specify the sort of your customized essay on pollution, page count, formatting and style requirements, together with deadline. Have a peek at these sample questions. Knowing the most frequent IELTS essay topics permits you to concentrate on the most significant vocabulary. Students may find professional writers' or writing agencies' help to receive their essays written in a customized format. Environment essay must be customized based on the style and format required. Writing an environment essay can be a difficult endeavor for an initial timer. There's just no overall length that produces the best essays. Time yourself and allow only one hour to finish both portions of the test. If you're going to succeed in the IELTS test you must be using and exposing yourself to English everyday. Did not find out how to get to my classroom. Ielts Essay Samples Environment: No Longer a Mystery In general, the best method to help the environment is for all to care for it. Hence, it's said, marry for money is right in some degree. So, for a lot of people, it may appear appropriate to marry for money instead of love. To a lot of people, it's appropriate to marry for money instead of love. Finding the Best Ielts Essay Samples Environment Some folks argue that it's not possible for developing countries to further develop without damaging the surroundings. To produce the earth a better place to dwell in by keeping the ecological balance, it's quite important to safeguard our own living atmosphere. A single individual can't be blamed for the world pollution, however every individual ought to take care of their habitat. Every individual who's leaving in the society ought to take responsibility to take part in protecting the surroundings. Overpopulation is among the pivotal reasons that have detrimental impacts on the surroundings. Some people today feel environment protection is the duty of politicians. Thus, finding out beneficial alternatives is likely to tackle the problems that have negative impacts on the environment in the near future. As a consequence, the improved behaviour of homeowners could cause a clean, waste-free atmosphere for everybody.